Reasons Why Children Need A Nutritious Diet

Childhood represents the moulding years of a person’s life. Not only in terms of behaviour but bodily and health-wise, childhood moulds an individual. Therefore, children must feed on the right substances during these years.

But you might be wondering, why is it important that my child has a nutritious diet? Read on, for this article will highlight key reasons why your child needs to eat healthily. Some of these reasons include;

  • Brain Development: research has shown that poor diet reduces IQ levels and brain development in children globally. Therefore, parents are to provide children with a proper diet for adequate brain development. So, good nutrition helps to develop the brain cells in children, leading to a longer attention span.
  • Body Growth: children need a nutritious diet for their body to properly grow. The bones need calcium to become strong, the immune system needs nutrients to remain effective. Therefore, there is a linkage between the exponential bodily growth of a child and the nutrition of such a child.
  • Reduce Obesity Rates: obesity is a regular occurrence among children worldwide and is attributed to poor diet. It also leads to conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It is therefore important that children have a nutritious diet to reduce the global obesity rate.
  • Create a Standard: teaching a child to eat healthy from childhood creates a good foundation for healthy living. Such a child is likely to make healthier life choices than one who was given a poor diet.

In summary, children require nutrients to grow, it is a vital aspect of their development. They require the right vitamins which are only available in a nutritious diet. These reasons and more are why a nutritious diet is non-negotiable for a growing child, anywhere in the world.

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