Preventing Substance Addiction In Children

Substance addiction is a serious issue among adults and one which we should avoid among children. The urge to not only abuse a chemical substance but to continuously seek its consumption is a scary trend among children globally. It is therefore important that society in its entirety takes steps to prevent substance addiction among children.

To this end, this article will highlight some vital steps to prevent drug addiction among the young population. It has become increasingly possible for children to get influenced into substance addiction. What they see on the internet or T.V. easily influences their behaviours and can do so negatively.

Therefore, some substance addiction preventive measures in children include;

  • Sensitization: prevention begins with adequately educating children on the ills of drug addiction. There is no room for ignorance here, as a time comes when drugs will become easily accessible to your children. Therefore, parents should talk to their children about drug abuse and discouraging it, to prevent addiction.
  • Monitoring: in this internet age, parents or guardians must monitor what their children see. Parents should take active steps to regulate their screen time and monitor what the screen exposes them to. This goes a long way to curb any traces of substance addiction in children at its early stage.
  • School Activities: beyond parents and guardians, the involvement of society in preventing substance addiction among children is vital. The learning curriculum in schools has to include a syllabus discouraging drug addiction. Thereby educating children on the consequences of substance abuse and addiction.

Here, are few ways society can jointly work together to protect children from substance addiction. Parents, schools, and communities have to engage in strategic steps to ensure the prevention of substance addiction in children. For substance addiction in children would be detrimental to the entire society.

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