Preventing internet addiction in children

It is easy for your children to get addicted to the internet without your knowledge. These days, the internet is easily accessible to children than before. They take home assignments from school where they have to use the internet. So, one way or the other, they have access to the internet daily.

When internet addiction creeps in, it happens subtly. The children have a vague understanding of what addiction means. And being addicted to the internet would be the last thing to cross their mind.

As a parent too, you might not be aware that your child is addicted to the internet. You may feel they just love being with their phones.

The moment you begin to notice that your child is unproductive because of the time they spend on the internet, it is best to swing into action. When internet addiction is in play, the victim would prefer to surf the net all day instead of doing other important tasks.

When their attention is disrupted, they complain bitterly. At this point, you know the child is addicted. Moreso, for those who are very observant. A drastic change in your child’s bedtime could be a pointer. If your child spends several hours on the phone before going to bed, the child is addicted.

To prevent internet addiction in your child, you will need to enforce discipline. Their access to devices that connect them to the internet should be fettered. They should have a time limit for using the internet and when the limit is exceeded, their devices should be seized till the next time.

In addition, you need to show a good example as parents. Children learn very fast, so they will pick up whatever habit you love doing. So, you have to help yourself by limiting your internet use. Better still, you can use the internet more when they are not available.

Preventing internet addiction in your children ensures that they are focused at school and other productive tasks.

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