Children need to be constantly catered for due to the fact that they are delicate individuals who can barely take care of themselves. Hence, they need to be under constant observation and monitoring to prevent them from entering into danger. Most times when we are not with our children, we tend to get worried. However, these worries would reduce if you have set some measures in place.

Basically, these measures are rules which you should be laid down for your children. Even though they might not have a good understanding of why you are setting such rules, you need to make them understand that, it is for their own good, and they will understand in the long run.

Top of the list, is ensuring that your child does not relate intimately with strangers. You need to make your child understand that, it is totally wrong for him to accept gifts in form of food, drinks and the likes from strangers. Imbibing this act by your child could be saving him from a possible route of addiction.

Not all strangers are dangerous, but it could be difficult to tell who is good and bad. Hence, it is safer to avoid all of them at once, and when it is being enforced on them, advise them to report to the nearest authorities, which would most likely be their teachers.

In addition, teach your child that no one should be allowed to touch their bodies anyhow. You can show them examples by touching their bodies in possible places. There are pedophiles on the street, and it might be difficult knowing them. You can also tell your child to scream out loud when anyone tries to touch their body.

Furthermore, inform your child that he should not give out personal information which pertains to either him or his family. Strangers often use this opportunity to exploit children, and as small as they are, they might barely understand the motives of the stranger.

There are other safety tips for your children to inculcate, and the list is exhaustive. However, as parents, it is required that you are always on the lookout for your children.

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