Keeping shape comes with health benefits which would be quintessential to your child, all through his life. When people hear the word ‘fit’, what comes to their mind, is a rigorous activity. They are partly right however, as there are some tough exercises which are needed.

Children cannot be expected to take part in such tough exercises because they are not of age, hence, there are some exercises which they can do, and some which they should stay away from.

A child who is physically fit would look and feel better, the child would also become healthier. The earlier a child stays fit, the lesser the chances of coming down with chronic illnesses.

The following are some benefits of exercises for children:

  • Heart strengthening: Just like any other muscle, the heart happens to be one, and its performance is bound to step up when exercise is regularly performed. The heart reacts positively to exercises, and it becomes more efficient and productive. When the heart muscles are strengthened, it reduces the chances of heart disease.


  • Bone strengthening: Muscles become stronger when they are physically stressed, and the bones follow suit by becoming stronger. If a child does not perform physical activities, it might be hard to achieve this. When the bone density of a child increases, it prevents osteoporosis, which is a condition whereby the bones lose density, weaken and they become fragile and porous.

  • Weight control: Someone who is inactive would most likely be obese, because he or she must have ingested more calories than usual. This applies mostly to children, a good number of them do not have much to do, other than sit down and watch TV. A child who is physically active will have a deficit of calories, which removes fat and reduces weight.


  • Prevention of cancer: Children who exercise on a regular basis, are more likely to have cancer absent in their lives. Children who do not undergo physical exercise, could grow up to have prospects of prostate, uterine, colon and breast cancers.

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